Air-O-Fan D-2/36 Diesel Engine Sprayer

The all new D-2/36 500, 600, & 1,000 gallon engine driven air-blast sprayer is built on the same platform as its predecessor the D-2/35 but the new package has more power, and more performance while maintaining Air-O-Fan simplicity and dependability, as well as a few new upgrades. Powered by a 173 horse power John Deere © diesel engine, the D-2/36 has increased fan diameter, fan pitch, and fan housing throat width. This is important because it all equals performance, if we can charge more air into the fan housing while increasing throat width, we will be able to spray crops that wouldn't have been possible to spray with its predecessor the D-2/35. The goal is to provide a product with unparalleled performance in its horse power range and ultimately to save the end user money, yet still able to do the job right.

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Standard Equipment

  • 1,000 gallon or 500 gallon 304 stainless steel tank
  • 6.8L 173 HP turbo-charged Final 4 John Deere © diesel engine
  • Twin Disc © PTO clutch
  • 120 gallon fuel capacity saddle tanks
  • Myers © 2-stage 100 GPM / 200 PSI centrifugal pump
  • Twin 36" steel axial flow fans
  • Galvanized fan housing
  • Composite nylon adjustable air vanes with specialty valves (2 nozzles per vane, 36 total)
  • Teejet © TXR nozzles
  • 1" stainless steel mechanical agitation
  • AOF-stainless steel strainers (fill, suction, delivery)
  • In-cab Remote gauge box with electric throttle, key switch, and Saur Danfos © DP200 digital monitor
  • Alliance 550 tires


  • Double or single lip swivel hitch
  • Electric bypass valve
  • 2" and 3" quick fill connections
  • Spray lights with guarding
  • Bravo © tree targeting systems
  • Fan housing leaf guard
  • AgOtter rate controller
  • Electric of hydraulic clutch


  • Length............20'/21'/23'
  • Width..............101"/105"
  • Height.............76" - 84"/75"-85" (adjustable)
  • Weight............7,720 pounds
  • Air Velocity......140 mph (approximate)

Minimum Tractor Horse Power Requirement: 75