Air-O-Fan Orchard Engine Sprayers

The goal is air volume, Air-O-Fan has always lead in this race to achieve the best spray coverage and it is largely due to air volume. Think of it this way, in our engine driven product line, you have a 173 to 300 horse power (depending on model) John Deere © Diesel engine dedicated to a single steel axial flow fan or twin steel axial flow fans (depending on model) which are forcing air through a very large discharge throat. For instance our D-2/40 "Big Moe" has a 6.8 Liter 225 horse power John Deere © diesel engine dedicated to twin 40 inch Steel axial flow fans and a 12 inch discharge throat. In order to produce 140 MPH winds from such a large throat opening requires big power but the result is big performance! The "Big Moe" has made a name for itself in citrus, almonds, walnuts, and pecans because it simply out performs, giving our growers the best coverage possible anytime of day in almost any condition nature has to offer. The next obstacle is control, most other sprayers on the market today don't have the ability to control where the spray goes ounce it leaves the fan housing. With our patented systems, you have the ability to move the air & spray to the directed target by means of a series of air vanes, this allows the operator to limit drift and provide the maximum spray coverage by displacing more air out of the trees canopy & replacing it with chemical laden air. We designed our patented air vanes out of a composite nylon material which is very chemical & abrasion resistant. Due to the materials used in manufacturing the vane, we have no internal wear or chemical buildup due to oxidization & the hardware is tough & flexible to take abuse in the field. The air vane also houses multiple nozzles which allows the end user to set up his machinery for multiple calibrations, often times our growers will never need to recalibrate due to a function that the standard spray system can not perform (note: you will need to change or clean nozzles for wear or obstruction). Quality products take quality components to make everything work together and keep you in the field with a minimal amount of downtime. John Deere © engines are tried and true, they can't be beat, mainly because if your not using Deere where do you go for service? John Deere © has nearly 5,000 Stores around the world and they are agriculture based. Try to take a dirty old chemical coated sprayer into an on-road diesel service shop, nine times out of ten you will get turned away and at the end of the day it doesn't matter how good a product is, you need service! Air-O-Fan uses only the best quality components available like, John Deere © engines, Myers © 2-stage centrifugal pumps, Twin-Disc © clutches, KZ © Co. & TeeJet © Valves, Saur DanFos © control systems, Dodge © bearings, all stainless steel plumbing assemblies, & heavy gauge stainless steel tanks. We manufacture all of our major components and each machine is tailored built to every individual growers needs. We build our fans from high quality cold rolled steel and we custom tune our fans to your tractors needs (PTO models only).