Air-O-Fan Orchard PTO Sprayers - GB-2/32

The Air-O-Fan GB-2/32 500, 600, & 1,000 Gallon orchard sprayers out-perform, out last, and out sell other similar sprayers in it's class. The goal behind running twin fans is to create a high volume of turbulent air, this tumbling high volume of air is created by twin fans (one with reverse pitch) colliding air together to charge the fan housing into a larger discharge throat which in turn creates a higher volume of tumbling turbulent air. This technology is very popular in crops that are close to the sprayer, dense in nature, and range in heights up to 30 feet; such as citrus, almonds, olives, & even Walnuts. The GB-2/32 model line is the next best thing to an engine driven sprayer if the proper tractor horse power is available (90 PTO horse power minimum is required). Our adjustable air vanes give controlled direct coverage which reduces drift and saves time and chemicals while utilizing a dual bank of nozzles in the air stream to give the applicator more calibrating options without having to remove nozzles. This can benefit coverage by allowing the applicator to use more water droplets at the same calibration rate or by allow calibrations to be set for concentrate or dilute applications. Lastly our "Twin Fan" model comes standard with our DK turning hitch, Comet APS-141 diaphragm pump, AOF suction filter assembly, heavy duty manifolds, rectangular tubing chassis, and our industry leading steel axial flow fan(s) assembly, as well as a full line of options including or 2-point turning hitch option, dry cam-lock quick fill systems, tree targeting and rate controlling systems, multiple tire options, and our Myers ® 2-stage centrifugal pump option.

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Standard Features

  • 500 gallon 304 stainless steel tank
  • 36 GPM / 600 PSI Comet© diaphragm pump
  • Dual 32" diameter, 6-blade axial flow steel fan
  • 2-speed gearbox with neutral
  • Heavy duty PTO shaft
  • Tank drive shaft with rundown clutch
  • 1" 304 stainless steel mechanical agitation
  • Cable type remote control
  • 304 stainless steel strainers
  • Teejet© ceramic nozzles
  • Galvanized fan housing
  • Composite nylon adjustable air vanes with specialty valves
  • 13.5Lx16.1 8 ply ribbed implement tires
  • Heavy duty hubs and spindles


  • 600 gallon tank upgrade
  • 1,000 gallon tank upgrade
  • 2-point turning hitches
  • 100 GPM / 145 PSI Myers© 2-stage centrifugal pump
  • 53 GPM / 600 PSI Comet© diaphragm pump (IDS 2200)
  • Hydraulic and electric spray control valves
  • 2" and 3" stainless steel fill connections
  • Tank drain plumbed with valve
  • Indented tank (60" wide)
  • Tree targeting, flow monitoring, and rate controlling systems
  • Rear leaf guard

Specifications 500 Gal

  • Length 15' 5"
  • Width 81"
  • Height 61"
  • Weight 2,780 pounds
  • Air Velocity 130 mph (approximate)
  • PTO Horse Power Requirements:  90 – 110

Specifications 1000 Gal

  • Length 17' 10"
  • Width 101"
  • Height 71" to 79"
  • Weight 4,100 pounds
  • Air Velocity 130 mph (approximate)
  • PTO Horse Power Requirements:  90 – 120