Air-O-Fan Vineyard PTO Sprayers - SJ-30/32 'Slim Jim'

High density vineyard plantings have been, and will continue to be, the future of the wine grape growing industry and Air-O-Fan’s answer to this growing popularity of narrow vineyard row plantings is the SJ-300V "Slim-Jim" vineyard sprayer. The overall width of this model is only 52" tire to tire, with a fan housing width of 41", making it one of the industries narrowest commercial grade 300-gallon sprayers. The SJ-300 is ideal for 6 to 7 foot vineyard rows and we offer 2-row and single row vineyard attachments (short stack and volute tower) to cover more ground as well as supply better spray coverage. The Short Stack tower provides coverage from the top, middle, and under the vine skirt to spray each complete vineyard row that the sprayer is in. Utilizing a 32" fan for maximum air flow. The vineyard volute on the SJ-300V directs all the air and chemical to the canopy for maximum coverage similar to our SE vineyard models, but much narrower. Standard features include: Air-O-Fan's vineyard volute tower, composite nylon adjustable air vanes with dual bank nozzles for multiple (3) calibrations, Comet® APS-101 26 GPM diaphragm pump, and a standard hitch with constant velocity PTO shaft. Our DK turning hitch option allows for tighter turns and better maneuverability in hilly and uneven vineyard terrain than a standard draw-bar hitch. Our 2-point turning hitch (recommended for flat ground) is known for its simplicity, durability, tight turning, and flexibility through rough terrain.

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Standard Featues

  • 300 Gallon 304 stainless steel tank
  • 26 GPM / 600 PSI Comet® diaphragm pump
  • 32" diameter, 7-blade axial flow steel fan
  • 2-speed gearbox with neutral
  • Heavy dute constant velocity PTO shaft
  • Tank drive shaft with rundown clutch
  • 1" 304 stainless steel mechanical agitation
  • Cable type remote control
  • 304 stainless steel strainers (fill, suction, delivery)
  • Galvanized fan housing
  • Short stack tower
  • Composite nylon adjustable air vanes (tower top)
  • Hard anodized aluminum air vanes (fan housing)
  • Teejet© ceramic nozzles
  • Heavy duty hubs and spindles
  • Either short stack tower volutes OR Vineyard volute tower


  • DK turning & 2-point turning hitches
  • TeeJet© ceramic nozzles
  • Hydraulic and electric spray control valves
  • 2" and 3" stainless steel fill connections
  • Rear leaf guard
  • Tire and wheel exchange to 11Lx16.1 8-ply ribbed tires
  • Flow monitoring and rate controlling systems

Specifications Short Stack

  • Tires 7.50x20" 8-ply ribbed implement tires
  • Length 13' 4"
  • Width 54"
  • Height 50" (top of tank) / 109" (top of tower)
  • Weight 1,840 pounds
  • Air Velocity 120 mph (approximate)
  • PTO Horse Power Requirements:  30 – 60

Specifications Volute

  • Tires 7.60x15" ribbed implmented tires
  • Length 14' 3"
  • Width 52"
  • Height 50" (top of tank) / 75" (top of tower)
  • Weight 1,340 pounds
  • Air Velocity 120 mph (approximate)
  • PTO Horse Power Requirements:  30 – 60