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Whether narrow, wide, steep, tight, rough, big or small, Air-O-Fan has an air-blast sprayer to fit
your vine spraying needs.  We manufacture several models with our 2-row vineyard Short Stack
attachment & up-spray volutes, this system is designed with three entry points into the vine (as
well as three angles of entry) which creates a large amount of turbulent air inside the vine canopy. 
This air turbulence is what we use to displace the air out of the vine canopy as well as move leaves,
limbs, and bunches about in an aggressive manner to achieve complete coverage.  This system
eliminates leaf shingling which is a common issue found with 2-row fan type sprayers (leaf shingling
occurs when soft air hits the leaf surface and the leaf covers the grape bunch resulting in poor
coverage of the bunch). Our up-spray volutes are designed to spray up under the vine canes which
lifts the skirt of the vine allowing for 360 degree coverage of those hard to reach bunches as well
as the hard wood. This turbulent air also keeps the vine canopy clean from old dead leaf & cane which
can harbor disease and will likely increase the opportunity for a flare-up when the wet season comes.  
   Our stainless steel tower top is designed with our patented composite nylon adjustable air vanes
for ample control of the air and spray chemical as it leaves the tower assembly, this system is also
structurally designed to out-last anything on the market today with rubber mounted double support
polls, ribbing, and structural gussets, all in the attempt to keep you in the field without any down-time
or incurred repair costs.  Compact, simple in design, and built to last has made the Air-O-Fan Short
Stack models the staple of California vineyard growers located in the central San Joaquin Valley and
coastal wine growing regions.  The "short stack" is configured in four different designs suited for 6' to
7', 8' to 9', 10', & 11' to 12' row spacings.
   Our complete vineyard product line is offered in 300, 400, 500, 600, & 1,000 gallon configurations,
with both conventional rear suction type fan housings or our "reverse fan" technology which pulls its
fresh air from ahead of the air discharge keeping the equipment very clean and eliminating the common
chemical recirculation issue found with rear pulling fans.  Our vineyard Volute-Tower has created a
name for itself by producing big performance in a simple, compact, and affordable package.  The V-Tower
keeps the air and spray in the vine canopy by transitioning the air parallel to the ground which eliminates
spraying up into the atmosphere and keeps costly chemical in the vineyard.   Our steel axial flow fans
give us strength over plastic & variable pitch aluminum fans and the ability to produce strong air speed
as well as high air volume by eliminating fan deflection under high speed load. Lastly, Air-O-Fan strives to
serve our customers, we hold one of the strongest names in the industry for after the sale service and
all Air-O-Fan vineyard model lines can all be converted back to a standard orchard sprayer by the removal
of just a few nuts and bolts which will increase the value of your sprayer years down the road when you
would decide to trade in or sell your sprayer back into the market.

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